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Why are we hot and bothered about menopause?

 "Every single woman alive will ultimately experience menopause in some form. So why aren't we talking about it?" 

 "In every other way, I've never been more in control of my life. But with menopause: myths, wive's tales and silence.  Why can't we talk about this like anything else?" 

 "It's profoundly isolating. But it doesn't just affect me. I have a family. I have friends, I have work. Peri and menopause goes on for years and has changed me and my loved ones too. It doesn't happen in a vacuum." 

 "I was at the top of my game when menopausal symptoms hit. Then, I felt "less-than". I feel great now, and life is actually amazing. I didn't know that was possible. " 

It's time women rebrand what menopause means. 

Let us tell you our story.

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It can happen slow, or fast. It can happen when you have small kids or a new business. It doesn't care how "in control" you are in your life. Menopause can take many forms. Insomnia creeps in, anxiety starts to nag, your hair changes texture, you are tired all the time and yet cannot sleep. You google  "I think I am going through menopause" at 3 am.  And then of course there is the big one, you start GETTING HOTTER. It can come on during that big presentation, or while you are leading a craft project with your children and their playdate.  Heck, you feel like stripping down naked and you don't care who is watching. You want to ask your friends what is going on, but you don't know how to phrase the question, thinking it's naturally attributable to something else.  And so, you suffer.


Probably alone. 


We know, because that was us: two everyday professional women who had kids later in life and so hot flashes on playgrounds became our everyday norm. We are not experts, we are not health "gurus". We are two very busy women and best friends, who went through menopause alone.  Friends who spoke often and shared intimate life details with one another except for one topic. We realized, a couple of years into it, that we COULD have talked to each other about it, but we didn't. And that's NOT ok. So now, we are going to change that.

Every person has a unique POV.  We want to hear yours.

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