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Two friends, going through it  alone, together.

Meet Kruti!

Kruti is an architect, designer, filmmaker and an all-around entrepreneurial mother of seven-year-old twins and their nine year old sister. 


"I found myself managing hot flashes and anxiety with my infant twins in sleeping in the next room. Feeling alone and overwhelmed, I went through perimenopause silently hunting for answers to questions that I have come to realize, many women ask as well. Now, on the other side of the menopause transition, I am passionate about facilitating a space where women and those who love them, can share their journeys, ask questions and find an inclusive community that will bring this important transition into the light of day. Women don't go through this alone- we have families and friends that are here to support us- but first we need to feel safe in having an open discussion about this special time. I've co-founded Getting Hotter to rebrand and normalize menopause." 

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Meet Falguni!
Falguni is a 47 year-old mother of two and an Executive Producer for Vice TV.

"I began my menopause transition at a stage in life when many of my friends were still having babies.  I believe we need to update and transform how all women view this natural life transition, especially for those of us who begin the process sooner than average.

Getting Hotter is all about building appreciation for the journey – without shying away from its difficult aspects – and approach it with grace, beauty, and buckets of humor.  It’s time for us to create a safe, sexy, inclusive resource for support, information and creativity.   Through community, communication, and creativity, we are better equipped to embrace all phases of The Pause, and reinforce the message that we’re only getting hotter."

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