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Join Kruti and Falguni as we chat with trailblazers in the field of mature womens' health. We're going to do a 360 on what perimenopause and menopause means for the modern woman and those that love them

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Featured POVs

We know that every woman's experience during this intense time is...different.  But we also know that bringing these experiences into the light is profoundly transformative.  We are committed to providing a non-judgemental space for YOUR personal POV, knowing it may help someone else. Share yours here. We may feature you on the website!

Here is what the Getting Hotter community is saying right now:


15 Questions about Menopause: The Survey

An important part of the process of normalizing  and understanding menopause from a cultural perspective is to talk about it. We hope you will participate in our survey and share your anecdotes, thoughts, and concerns about this major transition in womens' lives. 

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The Menopause Handbook

We searched for-and couldn't find- a book that walked us through all phases of the menopause transition, assured us that we are not going crazy when we wondered if we were, and guided us through the wide variety of resources available to us.... so we are writing one.  

Coming soon!

The World according to menopause

Cultural stigmas around menopause vary greatly throughout the world. In order to have a broad, inclusive and ultimately transformative discussion about menopause, we must be culturally sensitive. We will investigate the cultural influence on women during this important time in their lives, and the ways in which we can frame the passage through menopause to empower women.

The Men of menopause

Women do not encounter menopause in a vacuum. Successful maintenance of symptoms, both physical and emotional, must involve women's partners. In fact, we believe that ALL men need to be made aware of what menopause IS (HINT: it's NOT a bad word) what it means for the women in their lives and how they can support this important transition and emerge triumphant on the other side.

Sound like a lot?  It isn't, if we all start to speak up. Use your outside voice here: 

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