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Smrithi: Am I actually in Perimenopause?

I turned 47 last month and started noticing that over the past 6 months or so, my PMS has become increasingly difficult... headaches, intense fatigue, body aches and irritability! I pinned it down to the pandemic, exhaustion from trying to work and homeschool a toddler and a 7th grader! I know I am nearing menopause but I never stopped to think .. Am I in perimenopause? My doctors don't usually talk about it and I had my second child at 42, so I have been in a crazy busy whirlwind the past several years! And my period has been arriving every month and my reaction has always been... great, they're still coming so I am not in menopause yet and I should be thankful!! I have friends who entered menopause early, others at an expected time, some had terrible symptoms, others not so much! I hear things here and there but there's never been a lot of dialogue about this important transition in a woman's life.. just a basic understanding that it will happen and it's not going to be easy! And suddenly, over the last few weeks with menopause month arriving, I seem to be inundated with resources and information on perimenopause and menopause.. and I am diving in to learn more and understand my path forward.. and through it all, I am grateful that I can openly talk about this.. to my girlfriends, my mom, my husband, and even to my daughter who just started her menstrual cycle this year! I am looking forward to embracing it all and being supported along the way.. and feeling fabulous through it all! GETTING HOTTER feels like the best resource for someone like me who likes anecdotal as well as scientific support.


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